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Data Management and Automation

Do you spend hours building reports and KPI’s? Have multiple data sources? Regularly perform repetitive tasks to make your data useful?

Perhaps Excel is struggling to process the amount of data it has to handle or you are awash with duplicate and mismatched data.

If any of these problems sound familiar, then Surrey Hills Accountancy can help.

​Using our tools, expertise and attention to detail, we can work with you to save you time and increase the accuracy and reliability of the data you build your business on. Our services include:

· Automation – Build and distribute reports.

· Consolidation – Programmatically pull data from multiple sources.

· Scripting – If you can write it down, we can process it.

· Processing – Pass data into a SQL Database engine to process large amounts of data and export to Excel only what is needed.


· Cleansing – identify, match, merge and deduplicate data.

Please contact us for more information.

Website: www.surreyhillsaccountancy.co.uk

Email: info@surreyhillsaccountancy.co.uk

Mobile: 07866 385137

Find out more in our latest article here.

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