Surrey Hills Accountancy is a Xero Partner with many years' experience in using this cloud-based technology. 

Xero enables your business to keep on top of its finances from any device, anywhere, at any time. 

Pleo seamlessly links with Xero and offers a simple spending solution for your company.


Xero can help your business by:

  • Automating everyday business tasks

  • Sending online invoices

  • Simplifying payroll

  • Connecting to your bank for automatic transactions

  • Protecting your business information with extra layers of security

  • Reducing time spent on office admin

  • Helping to manage expenses and receipts online

  • Tracking time and money to improve profitability

  • Storing files and transactions in one place online for easy access anywhere.

If you currently use SAGE, we can help you make the change to Xero.


Pleo can help your business by:

  • Issuing  individual company cards with limits for your staff

  • Automating expenses by catching receipts with. an on-the-go app

  • Providing a spending overview of your company's expenses in one place, in real-time

  • Simplifying bookkeeping by integrating with Xero.

If you are looking to update the way your business runs its finances, we can help.

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